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May 15th, 2006

08:27 am: I have not posted in a while. My new obsession is youtube.com fan-videos. I have been looking at Tristan and Isolde videos. The people making these fan-vids are so talented. These videos are every bit as good as the original trailers for the movie.
This leads me to my new obsession JAMES FRANCO. God this guy is a babe and talented. Great bod. I feel like I have been cheating on Cillian. I am also moving into the Jonathan rhys meyers camp. He is great too. I watched Velvet Goldmine this weekend,(quite bizarre) along with match point and another older JRM flick. He is very hot and also a great actor.

So, I am going to start splitting my time looking for James Franco sites. Anyone have any good sites or photos?? He is somehow more satisfying than Cillian.I think its that he is more my preferred guy body type. I just think he looks so good in Tristan and Isolde.

I watched the movie Sonny this weekend. It was really good. It was Nicholas Cages directorial debut starring James Franco as Sonny. I highly recommend it.

May 3rd, 2006

03:09 pm: YouTube.com
I just recently found YouTube.com. This is a really cool website with thousands of videos,interviews of any star you are looking for. I just did a search for Cillian and 4 pages of interviews, photo shoots,amateur videos,movie clips, you name it.

VERY ADDICTIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like hearing cillian speak in his own words and watching his mannerisms. He really wears his emotions on his sleeve. You can really tell when he is uncomfortable with photographers, or ticked at an interviewer. You have to watch the interview for the movie 28 Days. It is short but he looks so sweet and happy.

April 21st, 2006

08:02 pm:
About Me
Nicknamechildhood-spotface-due to many freckles
Ageyes-the 4-0 is around the corner
Hair Colorblonde
Eye Colorblue
Have You Ever
Fallen for your besfriendno
Kissed someone who was just your friendyes
Been rejectedno
Been in loveyes
Used someoneno
Cheated on someoneno
Been cheated onyes
Done something you regretno
Do you ...
Color your hairhighlights
Have tattosyes
If so how many2 dif areas 1-hip, 5 small cluster on leg/ankle
Have any peircingsyes
If so how many4-all in the ears
Have a bf/gfmarried him
Like thunderstormsno terrified
Ever get off the damn computerhave to care for kids sometimes
Have you/Do you have...
Considered a life of crimeonce
Considered being a hookernot exactly
Coneidered being a pimpthats the one
Split personalitiesno
Anxietya little every once in a while
Depression/Considered suicidno/no
Right now..
Current clothesgreen butterfly in weeds t-shirt green sweat pants
Current moodhappy
Current hairlong strraight-aprox 24" long
Current musicsilence-dog snoring
Current annoyancedog-snoring
Current perfume/colognechannel allure
Current thing you should be doingfeeding the kids dinner
Coloryellow-lemonade you..
Candyalmond joy
Tv Showdon't watch tv....oh my daughter makes me watsh american idol
Movieanything with Cillian murphy, dark comedy genre
Placein the woods on our property
Person to talk tohubby
Do your perfer..
McDonalds or Burger Kingmcd's
Marry the Perfect Lover or the perfect friendlooked for both in one and found it
Root Beer or Dr Pepperroot beer
Sunshine or Rainsun
Spring or Fallfall
Winter or Summerlove both really!! summer
Vanilla or Chocolatechocolate
Snowboarding or Skingsnowboarding
Lights on or Offboth
Are you...
Open Mindedvery
Bad Temperedrarely
AttractiveI do OK
Bored Easilyno
What do you like in a Girl/ Boygirl-brains boys-sweet +funny
EyesI love blue eyes
Hair colori love dark hair/blue eye combo
Long or short hair
HieghtI think this is a repeat 5'5"
Body Typethin-boy butt,32D boobs(real)
Personalitycalm ,thoughtful,funny
How would you describe yourselfintovert,independant,fiercely loyal,
Do you have any Pets?yes-5....3 cats...2-dogs
Have any syblings?2--younger bro, younger sis
What do you want to be when you grow up?I already did that --A teacher
Do you wanna get married and have kids?Been there done that
What is your best physical Trait?good cheekbones
What is the best thing about your personality?open and usually upbeat
What words do you overuse"Baron-go lay down" to My doberman puppy at night
Whats the most annoying thing about youI'm never wrong according to my husband
End this survey with a quoteDon't expect anything and you won't be dissapointed


April 19th, 2006

09:49 pm: at deaths door
Tonight I found the adorable little short film Cillian was in from 1999 called "at Deaths Door" its at atomfilms.com. If you love Cillian this is very cute. He doesn't speak a word!!!

April 18th, 2006

09:59 pm: Cillians true height quest
Well, I spent today watching the fabulous movie Breakfast on Pluto- DVD and all the great extras. I was really impressed with Cillians performance. At times you forget it really is him.

I have looked up the actors where height is posted and I have these comments to make. Of course my overall goal is to determine how the hell tall Cillian really is!!

Liam Neeson-6'4"-very big guy (my husbands height:o )
Next to Liam, Cillian wearing 4 or 5 inch platforms came up to Liams shoulder/chin.
CILLIAN could be-5'6"

Stephen Rae-Magician-5'11"
Cillian is wearing what looks like 2 inch frye type boots and stephen Rae is 2 inches taller.
CILLIAN could be-5'7"

Lawrence Kinlan-Charlies boyfriend "Irwin"-5'7"
Cillian is 2 inches taller than this guy when he is wearing what looks like 3-4" platforms.
CILLIAN could be-5'6"-5'7"

09:33 am: Cillian Murphy height saga
I plan on writing daily now that I am officially a member of live journal on the Cillian Murphy height issue which seems to be a debate on many websites. I hope to view for the hundredth time(oh Darn)every one of Cillians films and then run comments and observations as to his stature compared to all actors standing next to or in close proximity to him in every frame. I will research the posted heights of all the co-stars and hopefully come to the conclusion Cillian IS actually 5'9" tall. Although it doesn't matter to me as he could be the size of thumbelina and I would still love, admire and lust after him. Just think---a pocket size Cillian wiggling around in my pants everyday that I could take out and play with whenever-- but that's a whole other journal entry!! Anyway, I need to get out all the Cillian movies I own and start paying attention to the other actors in them.

I hope everyone will find my research interesting and helpful.

I will most likely start with:
Disco Pigs
On the Edge
28 Days Later
The Way We Live Now BBC TV series

These are the movies I currently own.

Current Mood: satisfiedsatisfied
Current Music: weezer--perfect situation
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